Harvest 2014 is Underway!

Harvest 2014 is Underway!

Harvest 2014 has arrived here at Three Sticks .... much earlier than we ever imagined! We caught up with our team to get some feedback on how things are going ...

Harvest 2014 - Pinot Noir off the Press

The first Pinot Noir juice of Harvest 2014 comes off the press at the winery!

Jenny Schultz - Production Enologist

Jenny Schultz

“Harvest 2014 crept up on us fast!  But we hit the ground running and are now swimming in full tanks of fermenting Pinot Noir and sticky Chardonnay juice! With our first fruit coming in on a record date of August 22 this year, we are already almost finished with receiving all of our Pinot and Chardonnay. Wow what a whirlwind ... what day is it anyway??

Harvest 2014 Durell Vineyard Chardonnay

Harvest 2014 | Durell Vineyard Chardonnay heads to the press ...

“Despite the severe drought that California is in (and has been in throughout the entire growing season) the tired and thirsty vines are still producing some stellar fruit. From blindingly beautiful pearls of Chardonnay from Durell Vineyard to tiny little clusters of Pinot Noir that traveled 7 hours from Santa Rita Hills to get to us, all of the fruit has looked fabulous and temptingly delicious.  We are stoked about the potential for this vintage!

“Once we finishing riding this awesome wave of Pinot and Chardonnay, we will get ready to paddle right in to the Cabernet wave! Surf's up! ”

Prema Behan - General Manager

Prema Behan

“I just love that everything is happening at once, the harvest, the launch of the Adobe and the Fall release! A culmination of all our efforts is happening now. The winery is buzzing with activity, the vineyards are buzzing with activity … it’s a year’s worth of work all happening right now.  It’s like we are harvesting everything at once. (Did I mention EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE?!) Exciting times here at Three Sticks!”

Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir

The first Harvest 2014 Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir fruit arrives fresh at the winery.

Don Van Staaveren - Winemaker

Don Van Staaveren

“As Prema and Jenny noted, it’s an early harvest and will finish up this year before we even started last year!  So far, we are seeing above average quantities - the fruit looks good ...very good.  We enjoyed a fairly mild summer so it’s been a long, even growing season. ”

Fall Release September 16

And don't forget that our FALL RELEASE is happening ... NEXT WEEK! So even more to cheer about. Look for your allocation of these exceptional 2012 releases:

  • 2012 Durell Chardonnay
  • 2012 Sonoma Valley Pinot Blanc
  • 2012 Russian River Pinot
  • 2012 Santa Rita Hills Pinot (James)
  • 2012 Gap’s Crown Pinot

If you're not yet on our allocation list, click here to join!

Harvest 2014 - and we're not afraid to step right in!

Harvest 2014 - and we're not afraid to step right in!


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