2014 Harvest Highlights

2014 Harvest Highlights

We checked in with stellar Enologist Jenny Schultz to see how the 2014 Harvest is coming along. Here's what she had to say:

Night harvest at Durell Vineyard

Night harvest at Durell Vineyard

"All of the Pinots and Chardonnays are officially in! We only have three more lots to bring in which should happen by the end of this week: Cabernet from Napa and Sonoma Valleys and Malbec from Bald Mountain.  This would put us almost three weeks ahead of when we finished bringing fruit in last year.

Cabernet Sauvignon fermenting in barrel

Barrel fermentation in the cellar.

"I would say the highlights of harvest include the Rita's Crown Pinot Noir, our first year working with this fruit from the Sta. Rita Hills ... and it was absolutely beautiful!

Rita's Crown Pinot Noir

Rita's Crown Pinot Noir tumbles into the press.

"Also, our first crop from our newly planted Pinot Blanc block at Durell Vineyard was very special, especially after not having the opportunity to make Pinot Blanc last year.  And of course, the field blend from Durell which makes the Castenada Red Wine stole the show.  We received the fruit today and our whole winery team helped process the fruit (which is a rare occasion considering all of of other tasks that we have throughout the day).  It's a fun blend to work with and the bins of mixed reds and whites are pretty trippy to see!

Castenada Vineyard

The field blend of Castenada Vineyard

"All in all we are very happy with this vintage so far! Fermentations on the fruit we have received are completely finished and already put to sleep for the aging part of their life, and things are busy and bustling still at the winery"

Cheers from Sonoma Valley!
- Jenny Schulz, Three Sticks Winery Enologist
Jenny Schultz

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