Pledge to Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Our Community

Pledge to Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Our Community


At Three Sticks, we believe in the stewardship of land, vineyards, people, and history. Preserving the best of the past and innovating the future. We love Sonoma. It is our home and we are dedicated to enriching our community, touching lives through wine and community fellowship.

We believe in action and have developed the Three Sticks' Green Team with the initiative to be leaders in sustainable and innovative practices in wine country, not just in the vineyards or the winery, but in all aspects of our business. Check out our pledge in action within our memberships, partnerships, business practices, and ongoing events below!

Wine Country 2.0 - New World State of Mind

As charter members of Wine Country 2.0, this convivial, climate-forward collaboration of wine country businesses and organizations, celebrates the diverse, local tastemakers and change makers who are leading the way in creating a more sustainable and compassionate wine country experience. From plant-based, food pairing options in our Adobe tasting room, to an offering of vegan wines, and local partners who share in this commitment, we invite you to join the collaboration of a new and inclusive wine country!

The Adobe's Offerings & Partnerships

Miyoko's Creamery - The new gold standard for the future of food that emphasizes artistry, integrity, ethics and conviviality.

You'll find a rotating assortment of delicious, Miyoko's, artisan cashew and oat cheeses on every complimentary cheese board included in the Taste of Three Sticks. Ask for the vegan only option for a complete plant-based offering.

Renegade Food - We’ve made great decisions in our kitchen to enable our customers to make better decisions for themselves and our planet.

These savory plant-based charcuterie offerings are included in the Taste of Three Sticks when you ask for the vegan-only option for a luxurious and complete plant-based offering.

La Belle Vie Tours - a trip to Sonoma County is only as limited as the imagination. 

Locally owned and operated tour company providing custom and private wine tours into the Valley of your choice. Ask them for their vegan wine tour!

Charlie's Acres - Changing Minds. Saving Lives.

A Sonoma animal sanctuary that strives to teach people about the beauty and intelligence of rescued farm animals and how to leave them off your plate. A favorite stop on the La Belle Vie Vegan Wine Tour - stop at a couple of wineries, tour the sanctuary, and have a delicious plant-based lunch!

UppercaseTea - A woman-owned tea company on a mission.

Inspired by the Suffragettes and all the brave women before us who gathered and mobilized over tea, we’re reimagining this mindful beverage for modern women and social good.

Vegan Wines

Did you know not all wine is vegan? Some wines are fined with egg whites, gelatin, or isinglass- a powdered derivative of fish bladders. Almost all of our wines are vegan, however.

There are a couple of products that we use sparingly for wines that are not vegan themselves. Whether the wine is acceptable for a vegan will vary on that person's philosophy.

The most common product that we use in winemaking that in itself is not vegan, is Lysozyme.  This is used on Origin, Pinot Blanc, Rose and Castenada White.  It is an enzyme that is present in and extracted from eggs and is used to prevent Malolactic Fermentation. Functionally, the enzyme lyses the cell wall of certain bacteria that are used for Malolactic Fermentation, preventing the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid.

Three Sticks' Vegan Wine Offerings

All Three Sticks Pinot Noir

All Chardonnay's except Origin Chardonnay

The Casteñada Red Blend

Winemaking and Vineyard Practices

Meet Diamond, our fierce sheep protector, at our Durell Vineyard

The philosophy behind Three Sticks is to produce extremely focused, small-lot wines of world class quality from the Price Family Vineyards’ estates throughout Sonoma County, crafting the region’s finest pinot noir and chardonnay. The winemaking team is committed to crafting excellence while elevating the region utilizing the unique and diverse terroir and by innovation and skill.

Rob Harris, Director of Vineyard Operations for Price Family & Estates, oversees the care of each estate vineyard, from soil to grape, including a small herd of animals to manage the pests and crop cover, naturally. Woven into the fabric of the Three Sticks’ philosophy is stewardship of the land and preserving history, while aiming to be leaders in sustainability and innovation.

99% of the vineyard acreage in Sonoma County has been certified sustainable, making Sonoma the most sustainable winegrowing region in the world. We are dependent on a healthy environment to grow the best grapes that in turn, make world-class wines. Our meticulous and sustainable farming practices allow us to farm with focus and control, maximizing yields, and perfecting quality. Our commitment to sustainability will ensure our businesses, rural lifestyle, and agricultural heritage will be maintained for years and generations to come.