2018: The Vintage of the Decade

2018: The Vintage of the Decade

It's a common belief in the wine industry that Mother Nature rewards winemakers with good growing years after challenging ones. 2018 was no exception to this. After the wildfires of 2017, we were grateful to see bountiful rains through the winter, rinsing away hard minerals and salts that had accumulated from previous droughts.

2018 continued with a fresh spring season and warm summer. We were fortunate that all significant rainfall held off until harvest was complete. The vineyards were happy to grow and grow, which meant that detailed hand-farming was necessary to control the vigor, thus ensuring complexity in the wines. The stability of 2018 and our ability to manage the farming on a micro-level led to tremendous quality and great yields.

For our youngest vineyards, William James and Alana, in the Russian River Valley, 2018 allowed them to flourish and fully come into their own. During this period of maturation, it was amazing to have such an optimal year for fruit quality and the continued development of the vines themselves. It's no wonder that these two wines stand out as our favorite pinot noir and chardonnay of the bunch.

Winemakers' Choice:
2018 Alana Vineyard Chardonnay $75 750mL | $160 1.5L | $375 3L | $550 5L
This vintage bursts with lemon verbena, candied ginger, and nutmeg on the nose, while grilled pineapple and caramel will tantalize your palate. 204 cases.

2018 William James Vineyard Pinot Noir  $70 750mL | $150 1.5L | $355 3L | $490 5L
This vintage has expressed a rich texture with expressive spiciness and raspberry coulis, the perfect representation of our expectations from our newest vineyard addition. 396 cases.