Colette Fay Simpson

Assistant General Manager

Colette Fay Simpson joined the Three Sticks Team in 2015 with a focus on their direct-to-consumer sales, brand development, and hospitality programs. Over the past nine years, Colette has grown from Director of DTC Sales and Hospitality to Vice President of Sales Operations and now currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager at Three Sticks. In July 2023, she became the General Manager of Head High Wines, another venture of Bill Price and a winery under the Price Family Vineyard umbrella.

“At Three Sticks we concentrate on elevating the world of California pinot noir and chardonnay while making positive impacts on sustainability and community,” she said. “From the excitement we all share for wine, to striving for quality in everything we do, to keeping Sonoma history alive, all aspects of Three Sticks radiates excellence.”

Colette came to Three Sticks Wines with a wide breadth of operations and management knowledge gleaned from time spent at Envolve Wines and Hamel Family Wines in Sonoma. Colette specializes in sales while growing brand exposure through creative campaigns and innovation. Bringing new waves of thinking to the wine industry is a passion of hers; she loves thinking outside the box and strategizing new ways to accelerate growth.

Born in the UK, Colette’s family settled in the Sonoma Valley in the early 1990s. It didn’t take long for her to develop a strong connection to the region’s rich viticulture heritage, although her hospitality career started with high-end restaurants. It wasn’t until she left Sonoma for an opportunity in Australia that Colette was determined to pivot from food to wine. She is enthralled with the intricacies of the grape-to-bottle process, appreciating everything from the unpredictability of farming and the creativity of the cellar, to the stories shared over the finished product.

Colette resides in Sonoma with her husband, Matt, and daughter, Sloane. Outside of spending time with her family and two dogs she soaks up every moment she can in the outdoors and exploring all corners of the world. Colette’s favorite weekend activities are incredibly long, leisurely dinners with bottles of delicious wine, amazing conversations, and belly laughs.