Colette Fay Simpson

Assistant General Manager

Growing up in Sonoma Valley, Colette was surrounded by the sweeping vineyards that cover the majestic hills and mountains of the historic town. Early in her career she had a calling in the field of hospitality, spending the majority of her time in California working for high-end restaurants. Colette did not originally gravitate towards a profession in wine until she, funny enough, left Sonoma! It was then that she found her true calling amongst the vines. Colette received an opportunity in Australia and jumped at the idea of exploring the wine region in the land down under. As they say, the rest was history. She fell in love with the deep-rooted intricacies of grape to bottle. From the precision and unpredictable aspects of farming, to the organic process and creativity in the cellar, to the stories that are told over the finished product, she loved it all. Colette joined Three Sticks in the beginning of 2015 and has been a valued and vital part of our team ever since!

Colette feels passionately about the Three Sticks’ journey, and believes the best is yet to come. “We concentrate on elevating the world of pinot noir and chardonnay while making positive impacts on sustainability and community.” She expands, “From the excitement we all share for wine, to striving for quality in everything we do, to keeping Sonoma history alive, all aspects of Three Sticks radiates excellence.”