New Wine: Monarch Pinot Noir

The New Monarch Pinot Noir

Our 2021 Monarch Sonoma County Pinot Noir is one of the Spring Release wines we are most excited to share with you! While this elegant and multi-dimensional pinot is made from a blend of our estate vineyards, this vintage is primarily from One Sky Vineyard.

It’s safe to say One Sky is one of our more beautiful properties, nestled on the top of the rural Sonoma Mountain. This unique site is unusually high for pinot noir, lending itself to some very special wines. Growing grapes at over 1,400ft can be a high risk, but fortunately, it’s also been highly rewarding. Our rich and flavorful pinot noir grapes develop in this cool, north-facing slope. With fog from the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, grapes have ample time to develop slowly and intensely throughout the growing season.

The name One Sky, by the way, comes from its elevated perspective of San Francisco all the way to the coast of Sonoma, epitomizing that we all live under one sky. The 2021 Monarch Sonoma County Pinot Noir may SELL OUT. To guarantee access to this wine become a club allocation member. 

We cannot wait to share with you and hear what you think about this inaugural vintage of Monarch!


The blending process is one of the most exciting times of the year. After four or five months in barrel, I can really start to understand the particular vintage and the wines that will define it. We are a bit unique in the Burgundy world in that we blend our wines very early in the process. I think it is important that we give the wines as much time as possible to integrate and become one. So come January, I start the blending process.

I’ll first go through and taste every lot of wine that we have in the cellar. Remember that each vineyard has multiple blocks, sometimes broken up into multiple lots. The simplest way to think of it is that each fermentation tank gets its own lot. We will typically have over 50 different lots each vintage. After tasting through each lot, I start making blends for each wine. Generally, I will make some initial blends of each vineyard designate, then take those wines and blend them to make our Monarch and Price Family Estate wines. Each vineyard has its unique signature, which makes vineyard-designated wines special – they are a true representation of site and terroir. 

What is special to blended wines like the Monarch is it is a wine I can build based on an idea and style of my choosing. Take that beautiful spice note from one vineyard, layer some earthiness from another, and build some tannin structure through another. The Monarch is a wine representing all our Estate vineyards, and I’m free to use as much or as little of each as I please. 

No restrictions, just taste. How fun is that?

-Ryan Prichard | Director of Winemaking


appellation: Sonoma County
varietal content: 100% Pinot Noir
clones: Swan, 115, 777, 943, Calera
fermentation: Open Top Fermenter
fermentation length: 28 Days
malolactic fermentation: 100%
barrel aging: 10 Months
barrel composition: 100% French Oak; 40% New
alcohol content: 14.0%
total acidity (ta): 6.5 g/L
ph: 3.46
production: 468 Cases

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