Walala Vineyard

In by Hayden Schmidter

Walala Vineyard

Walala comes from the Kashaya Pomo Indian saying, “where the water flows down,” a reference to the local Gualala River and nearby town of Gualala. Perched on a ridge along the California coast, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyard resides in what is often referred to as the “true” Sonoma Coast AVA.

Walala Vineyard: Location

Walala is our most northern site and is perhaps our most isolated. Located 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean, this vineyard sits above the fog at 1,600ft and is perched on a small, south-facing bench, capturing consistent, daily sun exposure.

Walala Vineyard: History

Walala Vineyard is one of our favorite sites because it has deep roots in California history and preservation, both of which are key elements to the Three Sticks ethos. This gem is a part of a 9,000 acre protected property in Gualala. We know how special it is to own a small parcel of this land. It’s an honor we cherish.

Walala Vineyard: Terroir

Walala embodies what Three Sticks looks for in a vineyard – long days with cool mornings and short intervals of high temperatures give the vines the exposure and heat they need. Outside of the impacts of the land, the sea plays a critical role in this vineyard’s terroir. You can often taste and smell the enduring presence of ocean in the air.

Walala Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Our Walala site produces powerful Pinot Noirs that are not shy about showing off their muscle. This mountain fruit is grown right next to the Pacific Ocean revealing a faint line of salinity in the wine that leads to a bright and long finish.

Walala Vineyard: Stats

AVA: Sonoma Coast
Elevation: 1,200′ – 1,600′
Soil: Goldridge Fine Sandy Loam + Gravelly Hugo Loam
Varietals: Pinot Noir
Clones: 777, 828, 113, 115
Acres: 60 total; 17 planted


Walala Vineyard: Wine List

– Walala Estate Pinot Noir
– Price Family Estates Pinot Noir