One Sky Vineyard

In by Hayden Schmidter

One Sky Vineyard

It’s safe to say One Sky is one of our more beautiful properties, nestled on the top of the rural Sonoma Mountain. This unique site is unusually high for Pinot Noir and Chardonnays, lending itself to layered, multi-dimensional wines. The name One Sky comes from its elevated perspective of San Francisco all the way to the coast of Sonoma, epitomizing that we all live under one sky.

One Sky Vineyard: Location

One Sky sits on the eastern face of Sonoma Mountain and is cooler than most of the surrounding areas as pockets of fog hug the mountainside throughout the morning. Typically this mountain range would not be an ideal area for Burgundian varietals, however, the positioning of this vineyard allows the grapes to ripen and develop with a steadiness that we love to watch.

One Sky Vineyard: History

It’s not a stretch to say we had no plans for a Sonoma Mountain vineyard, but eventually, we decided this site would be a unique place to experiment. The VanDerKamp’s are right next door, so we knew there was some potential in the area. Fortunately, One Sky has not disappointed.

One Sky Vineyard: Terroir

For a steep, northern slope the soil is stronger and richer than we could have ever anticipated. The virgin, wild ground has led to flourishing, strong vines that are truly defined by the surrounding landscape.

One Sky Vineyard: Pinot Noir

Growing grapes at over 1,400ft can be a high risk, but fortunately, it’s also been highly rewarding. Rich and flavorful Pinot Noirs develop in this cool, north-facing slope. With fog from the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, grapes have ample time to develop slowly and intensely throughout the growing season.

One Sky Vineyard: Chardonnay

From the topmost portion of the vineyard, the One Sky Chardonnay blocks are an example of farming on the edge. This area is unusually steep and situated over 1,400ft above the valley floor. The vines are all about quality over quantity and what we see in the glass proves that it is a true labor of love. Perfumed and dense with mouthwatering juiciness, the One Sky Chardonnay is worth it.

One Sky Vineyard: Stats

AVA: Sonoma Mountain
Elevation: 900′ – 1,400′
Varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Clones: PN = 943, Calera, Swan, 777, 115; CH = Wente
Acres: 60 total; 11 planted


One Sky Vineyard: Wine List

– Sonoma Mountain One Sky Chardonnay
– Cuvée Eva Marie Pinot Noir