Bob’s Thoughts on Harvest 2016!

Bob’s Thoughts on Harvest 2016!

Harvest Update: All of our grapes are in! Finally finding himself with a moment to take it all in, Bob shared his thoughts on our 2016 Harvest..


"The quality of this vintage is very exciting and promising!! Our Pinot Noir harvest dates expanded a bit in 2016 due to the deliberate call to pick slightly riper than we did in 2015. With better crop loads and another year on our 'younger' Pinot vineyards, we were able to let things hang longer and develop more of the fruit characteristics we were hoping for.




"While 2015 was a wonderful first try with the new team and the wines are very good, we feel we better defined the Three Sticks 'style’ with the 2016 vintage wines. Mother Nature definitely helped us both vintages with little to no excessive weather phenomenon, allowing us to execute the majority of our winemaking plans for the 2016 harvest. These wines will continue to get better!"



As a way to describe the differences in harvests from 2015 and 2016, Bob laid out some key dates:

  • The first/last day of harvest:

2015 – 8/18/15 – 9/14/15

2016 – 8/19/16 – 9/27/16

  • The first/last day that we received Pinot Noir:

o 2015 – 8/18/15 – 9/10/15

o 2016 – 8/19/16 – 9/26/16

  • The first/last day on which we received Chardonnay:

o 2015 – 8/24/15 - 9/14/15

o 2016 – 8/30/16 - 9/27/16


Thank you, Bob! And thank you to the Three Sticks Winemaking Team! Can't wait to try the 2016 vintage...