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Rosé season is finally here! Year after year, the Casteñada Rosé captures our hearts. This summer, embark on the ultimate journey along the self-guided Rosé Wine Trail. Together with some of our local Sonoma Plaza winery partners, we invite you to enjoy the vibrant flavors of summer and discover new favorites along the way.


Experience the magic of our 1842 Vallejo Casteñada Adobe, our hospitality home in downtown Sonoma. Rooted deeply in the essence of California, our Adobe is a testament to the region's rich heritage. By appointment only, we ensure that every visit is an intimate and personalized experience unlike any other.

The renowned Ken Fulk designed our home and showcases his signature touch, fusing timeless elegance with contemporary allure. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless blend of Sonoma's history and modern sophistication as you step into our Vallejo Casteñada Adobe. We look forward to hosting you.

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Three Sticks Wines owns, farms, and produces every grape and drop of wine that we make from our vineyards.

We are autonomous. Having the freedom to grow as we design, and desire is precious. We have learned that growing into our collection of vineyards has given us the ability to shift and flex proactively with a dynamic environment and not just in response to it. A position that has led to many winemaking and farming triumphs that we are committed to expanding on.
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The finest pinot noir and chardonnay producer in Sonoma.

In the world of endless competition for excellent pinot noir and chardonnay, we are constantly asking ourselves and pushing ourselves to answer the questions: what sets us apart? What differentiates us? Who are we? Why should people care? And time after time, the answer is the same. We are a product of the land we farm and the wines we make…we are for, from, and of our vineyards.


Our commitment to honor the past, and from the gifts of the present, we march into the future, writing our own story.

We realize the power in the relationship between our vineyards, our wines, our experiences and team members and it is spread throughout our company. Our roots run deep in Sonoma, which you can taste in every glass of pinot noir and chardonnay, and in every touch from our incredible hospitality.
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Club Allocation membership offers unique benefits for our supporters to get the most out of our bi-annual releases in the spring and fall, with the opportunity to acquire additional wines throughout the year during our Rosé, Pinot Blanc, and Casteñada Releases.


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Our Heritage collection of wines hail from the most expansive estate vineyards in our collection. Durell, Gap’s Crown, and Walala are all known for producing rich, complex, deep wines that stand the test of time. From vintage to vintage, these wines surprise and delight.

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Our Monopole collection of wines are rare beauties from our three most precious estate vineyards. Alana, One Sky, and William James yield a collection of the most expressive, intense, and delicious wines in our wine story. These wines are hard to come by and even harder to hold onto.
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Meticulously and obsessively handcrafted from the most extraordinary barrels from each vintage across our collection of six estate vineyards. This is a love letter..
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Our Casteñada wines are delicious, field-blended Rhône varietals made to honor the long history of winemaking and growing in Sonoma Valley. Described as a party in a bottle, these wines are full of energy and life while harkening back to another era.
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Upcoming Events

Casteñada Rosé Release

April 2, 2024

International Pinot Noir Celebration

July 26, 2024
 - July 28, 2024

Fall Release Member Appreciation Week

August 2, 2024
 - August 9, 2024

Fall Release (Club Allocation)

August 6, 2024
 - September 27, 2024

Fall Release

September 10, 2024
 - September 26, 2024